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50 ways to improve your print product

Southern Litholate and the SLP Strategic Alliance print solutions team is offering all conference attendees this year's Mega-Conference "hit" whitepaper, 25 MORE Ways to Improve your Print Products in 2017, plus last year's "best takeaway" from the conference, 25 Ways to Improve your Print Products in 2016.

Both whitepapers are colorful, casually worded collections of quick-read, sharply written articles with suggestions, tips, recommendations and thought-provoking ideas for newspapers looking to generate more revenues, cut costs and improve print operations. If you believe in print, you will want to read these!

Download PDFs of either or both "25 Ways" today.

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Calkins Media was the recipient of the Mega-Innovation Award presented Friday afternoon at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

When Calkins Media was named a finalist for last year's Mega-Innovation award, its video stream produced by the Bucks County Courier Times was a repeating four-hour content block. Now, it is essentially a local TV station.

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To revive classified advertising, the Albuquerque Journal linked its print product to smartphones. The result has been a positive swing of more than $70 per ad.

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Despite the industry-wide focus on digital, many a newspaper company is still trying to figure out how to make money at it. Revenue from digital often makes up only a small percentage of total annual revenue even if the percentage is growing.

But McClatchy's answer to that question as asked on the Mega-Innovation Award entry form is an eye-popping 72 percent. Yes, digital revenue made up 72 percent of total revenue over the past 12 months.

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If there's another newspaper with a beer named after its innovation, we haven't heard about it.

The Pilot publishes Wednesdays and Sundays and circulates 12,500 papers in Southern Pines, N.C. It, like many other papers, looked for a way to reach millennials with advertising and news while capitalizing on the services offered by its in-house First Flight Digital operation.

What The Pilot came up with does not involve top executives at the paper, and it isn't afraid to take a risk. The name of the product is The Sway, and it's an email newsletter "that delivers bite-sized information with a funny, snappy voice," according to the paper's entry.

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Nashville businesswomen Elizabeth Fox and Liza Graves met for coffee in 2009 to talk about how they could connect busy women to the great things happening in their town. They understood the time constraints women face, and their goal was to build a different business model to reach an audience that often says it's too busy to read a newspaper.

StyleBlueprint began in Nashville just eight years ago, and has become one of the South's fastest-growing online lifestyle brands, anchored by its daily articles, curated local guides in six markets and a newly launched digital app. In a breakout session at the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference in Orlando, Fox and Graves explained how they've achieved digital success by focusing solely on women.

"We didn't just blog," said Graves. "We got to know our audiences and focused on original content."

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Professors at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications are going beyond just teaching reporting skills. They are currently researching the psychology and physiology of storytelling, according to Matt Sheehan, who spoke at the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference in Orlando.

As director of stories and emerging platforms at the College, Sheehan is spearheading efforts to examine the intersection of storytelling, science and the social good. He leads a content and product incubator called "Hatch" that uses the principles of human-centered design to conceptualize, test and launch projects for the future of media and information.

"Storytelling is an art, not a checklist," he said to attendees at the Friday afternoon breakout session. "I'm giving you a headline view of the research we find fascinating."

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Two presenters at the Key Executives Mega-Conference shared a case study showing how easy it can be for a code developer to skim display ad dollars from a newspaper's website, as well as tips for preventing this type of fraud.

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Just as Florida Weekly launched in 2007, the nation was headed into the "great recession." Pason Gaddis, however, did not let dire economic predictions steer him away from his vision to create a publication that would become a technological leader in Southwest Florida's media arena. As president and CEO of Florida Weekly, Gaddis spoke at the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference in Orlando about being a "Print Disruptor."

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In order to effectively use data analytics to sell audience, it is crucial that a local sales force be able to credibly answer some key questions for its advertisers. Learn about an approach being used at the Erie Times-News and presented on the Revenue Stage at the Mega-Conference.

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