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Roundtables offer opportunity for sharing among Mega-Conference attendees

Our roundtable discussion groups will give Mega-Conference attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their best practices on the closing day of the conference. 

The Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 25-27 in Las Vegas.

Charity Huff, co-executive producer of the Mega-Conference, said: "We have the hottest topics set for our Roundtable sessions Wednesday morning. Bring your burning questions. We are covering the most pressing topics in the industry, including: membership models, ad fraud, audience data development and more. Join in to learn the best ideas in the industry."

Two 45-minute roundtable sessions will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27, with attendees choosing from the following discussions:

9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27

Making Every Offer Count

Converting users into subscribers isn't always easy – yet in modern media, it's become increasingly vital to success. More and more, media providers – trying to keep up with their revenue and audience goals – are realizing the importance of creating the right offer to convert. But conversion starts long before users view an offer. It begins with engagement and an understanding of what drives audience loyalty and requires the right user experience and motivation to build toward success. Even then, the wrong offer can fall flat when key components are ignored. In "Making Every Offer Count: Turning Users Into Subscribers in a Modern Media Landscape," Piano draws on data from more than 1,000 media providers, to find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a subscription base.

Jonas Rideout, global director, business development, Piano

Digital Subscription Strategy: Driving Leads

Join us for a jam-packed session full of proven ideas and tactics that will dramatically impact your digital subscription strategy. Find out how to leverage promotions, interactive content and newsletters to drive leads and results for your business and your advertisers.

Tim D'Avis, director of email success, Second Street
Julie Foley, director of affiliate success, Second Street

The Cost of Bad Ads: Audience Trust, Security Risk and Revenue Loss

Ad fraud costs publishers $51 million a day, but few executives know it's happening with increasing frequency on their sites, exposing their users to malware and potentially robbing them of personal data that will be sold on the dark web, generating even more money and motivation for bad actors. Did you know that a successful harvesting of consumer data earns on average $3 per attack?  LMA, DEVCON, OpsCo and AdHack.org teamed up to provide local media publishers the most comprehensive research study of ad fraud across local media sites. More than 38 million exploits have been blocked since the launch of the study, carrying the potential to generate over $114 million in criminal gains.

Maggie Louie, CEO, DEVCON

10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27

Membership Rewards and Incentives

The word is out: memberships are a proven way to add new revenue streams to our publishing businesses, in a time where we all NEED new means of generating income. But it's not as simple as just slapping a paywall on your site and hoping readers will start paying. During this roundtable, learn answers to important questions and leave with specific ideas to launch or grow your membership business:

  • Who are our best readers – the ones most willing to enroll in a membership? How can we find this pool of readers?
  • What membership promises (value propositions) resonate well? What specific components support this promise and thus drive conversions and renewals?
  • How can we assemble resources to build, launch and optimize our program? What technology is needed? What services are needed?

Rob Ristagno, founder and CEO, Sterling Woods Group and author of "A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors"

The Future of Investigative Journalism

Participants at this roundtable will be discussing how to make investigative reporting a core part of any newsroom, no matter the size or economics. Journalism is defined by judgment, by decisions about what's important and what's not. If a newsroom approaches the news with an investigative mindset, it will produce a different type of report than if it approaches the news with a stenographical mindset. This session will explore how to instill an investigative mindset.

John Temple, director of the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California, Berkeley, and chairman and co-founder of Amuse Labs

Streamlining Sales & Ad Ops: Doing More with Less

Publishers face several market challenges, including changing consumer behavior, variance in product mix and diversity of markets. Ad product development and fulfillment strategies must become as real-time and digital as the product itself. Intuitive technology can enable this digital transformation of publishing workflows and processes. If the products and the consumers have changed, why shouldn't the process of building, distributing and delivering these products go through its own disruption?

In this session we'll discuss disruptive technologies and approaches that can immediately transform ad operations for media companies both large and small. We'll talk about: 

  • The main ad ops challenges that publishers face in the cross-media advertising sales environment.
  • Appropriate solutions that are available to streamline ad operations.
  • Lessons on integrating systems like Salesforce, Order Management and Google Ad Manager.
  • Approaches to measure ad operations efficiency, cost and profitability.
  • Trends in structuring teams across sales, ad ops and fulfillment to do more with less. 
  • Themes in "Ad Process Optimization." 
  • Implementing effective outsourcing strategies.

Christopher Prinos, CEO, INDIGO TRIGGER

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Please be vigilant if approached by any company or service that implies or claims to be an official housing provider for MEGA. Other housing companies or travel agencies may aggressively pursue you, or your company, to book your guest rooms through their company at supposedly significant discounts. The only way to book your rooms for MEGA is to use the channels provided on the Paris Las Vegas website.

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A "list consultant" has approached at least one company that does business with newspapers with an offer to sell them an Excel spreadsheet listing conference attendees with contact information. It is a fake list.

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Innovation Award view all

The finalists for the Mega-Innovation Award have been announced. Read this story to see which companies placed in the top three. The winner will be announced Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Mega-Conference.

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Mega Scholarships view all

Editors and others who are responsible for growing audience through social media are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to attend the 2019 Mega Conference ($895 value) being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.

Apply quickly, as this opportunity is expected to disappear fast!

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Audience is the name of the game. And, cultivating niche audiences in your local community is a money-making proposition. On Tuesday afternoon at the Mega-Conference, our panelists will be talking about successful models for drawing new, big revenue commitments for local, regional and even national advertisers.

Charity Huff, managing partner of Maroon Ventures and moderator for this session, said: "Cultivating niche audiences in your local community is a money-making proposition. Join this session to learn how publishers are finding success with new titles, new audiences, and – most importantly – incremental revenue."

Panelists joining Huff are:
  • Matt Coen, partner and board member, St. Louis Magazine. Coen also is president and co-founder of Second Street.
  • Max Freund, managing editor of digital, The Journal, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Danny Pacheco, sales representative, Publication Printers.
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Mega, rockstar sales leaders from across the country will share their revenue-driving strategies and tactics at the Mega-Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 25-27.

Sales models of the past are no longer applicable in today's world of pure-plays, digital dominance and a shift beyond consultative selling.

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To be successful in today's digital landscape, publishers must prioritize the customer experience and pursue a strategy that reduces friction and builds engagement and loyalty among their readers.

The Washington Post is the industry standard for this approach, adopting a relentless focus on the customer and becoming one of the most read news brands in the world. On Wednesday morning at the Mega-Conference, hear about this evolution from Scot Gillespie, the newspaper's chief technology officer, as we delve into the in-house technology that powers it.

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For 20 years, business websites have been the cornerstone of a local, digital, presence. But, now we are in the midst of a major shift.

During a Monday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, Brooke Henderson, senior director of strategic partnerships for Yext, will lead a conversation focused on how voice, mobile and artificial intelligence are changing the way potential customers discover local businesses.

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Find out how your newsroom can adopt a "mini-publisher" perspective to drive audience growth and profitability with editors participating in the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, aka the "Table Stakes" project.

During a Monday general session at the Mega-Conference, learn how two newsrooms are expanding their scope beyond content creation to include financial success and brand quality and digital subscription growth.

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It's not too late to be part of the Mega-Conference!

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Please be vigilant if approached by any company or service that implies or claims to be an official housing provider for MEGA. Other housing companies or travel agencies may aggressively pursue you, or your company, to book your guest rooms through their company at supposedly significant discounts. The only way to book your rooms for MEGA is to use the channels provided on the Paris Las Vegas website.

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The Key Executives Mega-Conference will be held at the Paris Las Vegas. Full details are available here about hotel accommodations.

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