Modernize Your Recruiting to Deliver Top Talent


Noted recruitment expert Julian Placino will lead this session on how newspapers can get creative and ignite their recruitment culture now. In a competitive job market, it’s critical for newspapers to modernize how they recruit employees by focusing on people first (the who) and then focus on what they’re trying to accomplish.  You’ll leave this session with a practical and actionable roadmap on how to energize your recruitment efforts.  

Julian Placino

Julian Placino is a Fortune 500 Speaker, founder of Pathways Affiliated, a recruitment strategy consultancy and the creator of Recruitment Masterclass, the only video course that turns your employees into an army of talent ambassadors and recruiters. He also is the host of the leadership podcast, "Pathways to Success on YouTube and iTunes."

With 17 years of recruiting experience, he’s helped leading corporations attract, recruit and retain top talent. Placino has personally hired over 400 world-class professionals in the areas of technology, sales and creative arts. For seven years, he led talent acquisition for Bottle Rocket, one of the premier mobile development firms in the world. He now consults with companies on personal branding, marketing strategy and leadership development.