Building and Monetizing Your First-Party Data

Liz Huff
Julie Foley

All newspapers are probably sitting on massive databases that aren’t being used properly.  And, during times of financial instability, newspapers need to find revenue wherever they can.  First-party data and segmented audiences are the future of their business; they will drive conversions and subscriber revenue. 

This session will lay out a strategy to help newspapers find out what they have, how to grow first-party data, and how to target that audience for monetization. Additionally, you will learn first-hand from media organizations that have successfully gained new revenue from their first-party data. 

Presenters and panelists:
Julie Foley, senior customer success manager, Second Street
Liz Huff, senior director of customer success, Second Street
Vince Johnson, group publisher, Gulf Coast Media/The Sumter Item
Allison Shirk, director, digital content/engagement strategy, WEHCO Media, Inc.