Digital Transformation Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business Model


On Tuesday morning at the Mega-Conference, digital engagement experts will be discussing strategies, tactics and philosophies that yield tangible results. Case studies and proof of concepts will be explored that detail how to increase digital audiences, revenue, retention levels and overall engagement and identify key performance indicators to scrutinize potential barriers to success. 

Our panelists are:

Pete Doucette, senior managing director, strategy, Mather Economics
Conan Gallaty, president and CEO, Tampa Bay Times
Lon Haenel, vice president, chief client officer, Newspapers Subscription Services
Andy Pennington, publisher, Anchorage Daily News
Jonas Rideout, senior vice president, solutions engineering, Piano

The moderator for this session is Aaron Kotarek, senior vice president, audience and operations, Oahu Publications, Inc.

View the full conference program here